Aug 01

Microsoft previews email.


Chris Jones Introduced email preview on a blog post yesterday. is Microsoft’s new cloud email offering for the general public. It has a much cleaner interface following in essence what they’ve done with their Windows OS and phone offerings. It’s also integrated with Skype, Microsoft Office Web Apps, and SkyDrive. I haven’t played with most of the new features, but so far I like the ability to edit and view Office documents on the fly. is also tightly integrated with most social networking sites. connects to your mobile phone or tablet using Exchange Active Sync. So you should be able to synchronize mail, contacts, and calendars without issues.

You can sign up and create an account by going to If you have an existing Hotmail Account you can upgrade to an account by clicking the “Upgrade to” option under the “Options” menu (located on the top right of your inbox). You will be able to keep your old account but will be using the email. As with most free email services, you can also create more email aliases by going to “Create an Alias..” option under “More Email Settings.” The aliases can be,, or as long as no one else is using them.

People have reported a few issues after upgrading their accounts to so tread carefully. Since my Hotmail personal account isn’t really that important, I’ve upgraded it already, and so far I haven’t had any issues.

Microsoft will eventually upgrade every user of to They will also do away with the service. All users will  be allowed to keep their existing email. I am not sure if they will still allow you to create aliases that include and We’ll have to wait and see.

Let us know what you think if you’ve already upgraded or created a new account.