Mar 05

How can a Managed Services Solution benefit your business?

Jim Hamilton from CompTIA published the first part from a two part article about Managed Services – You can access his article on the CompTIA blog by clicking here.

It’s a great article. While reading it, I realized that I am moving my company closer and closer to that service model. At this point over 60% of our revenue generates from customers under a Managed Services Agreement.

What is managed services? In simple terms, managed services is a service model where you outsource your technology needs to a capable and professional provider. You can pretty much outsource any technology need your business has — computer support, backup and disaster recovery management, server and network maintenance, etc.

“But I already call a computer consulting company whenever something breaks,” you may be thinking. It is not quite the same. When you hire someone this way, you are usually paying them on a time and materials basis. This means that you pay them for the hours they work and for the materials they use. On a managed services situation you usually enter into a contract and only pay a flat fee every month. The amount you pay and the frequency of payments are agreed upon by both parties before signing the contract. Some providers charge based on the amount of computers and networking devices in your network. Other providers combine Managed Services with time and materials, and they assign you a certain amount of hours every month. It all depends on the provider.

This service modelĀ  benefits a lot of businesses that can’t justify an internal IT department. They get access to expert and experienced technical support and services for a fraction of the price. They are also in charge of how much money they will spend every month in IT services. This is not the case when you hire someone on a time and materials basis.

Overall you get the peace of mind that your network and needs will be taken care of by knowledgeable professionals; you stop worrying about technology and can concentrate in running your business.

Visit our site’s managed services section to find out more about our managed services offering – Proactive Network Support Program

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