Apple unveils iPad’s release date.

Apple will release the iPad on April 3rd 2010.
I still have mixed feelings about Apple’s new device. It looks sexy, but I don’t know if I can justify the price. I already have an iPhone, and the only thing that interests me about the iPad at this point is its ability to function as an eBook reader.
People that have met me know that I  like to read a lot. When the first eBook readers were released I started getting interested, but I couldn’t make the switch quite yet. Call me old school, but I like to touch the pages of a book, and I enjoy the smell of a new book.
The more I look at the eBook readers, the more I want them. I imagine having all my collection in one small device that fits in my messenger bag.
I may end up making the switch after all, but I don’t think the iPad will be my eBook reader of choice. The Nook seems like a better option at this point. I want to wait a little bit longer though. New technologies come out often, and as far as eBook readers are concerned, there seem to be quite a few that will come out in the upcoming months. New eBook readers with exiting new features that may end up convincing me to finally make the switch.

Looking at the iPad just as an eBook reader isn’t probably fair. According to Apple, it can do a lot more. There are other devices that can do just the same for half the price though.

Well that’s enough for today’s personal rant.

What are your thoughts on the Apple iPad?

For more information about the iPad check out Apple’s official website


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